Women of Inspiration presented by Canadian Business Chicks

The third annual Women of Inspiration awards presented by Canadian Business Chicks concluded this past weekend at the TELUS convention centre in Calgary, Ata.  Eleven awards were handed out in categories from public service to arts and communications.

Prior to the awards ceremony, guests and attendees were treated by a market place with many vendors offering products, networking and marketing practices.  For those who attended, they got to share the positive and exciting energy with all others with some bubbly, good conversation and the beautiful sounds of a jazz duet.

We attended as a sponsor table, as well, our CEO, Tessa, was nominated in a very exciting category.  We covered the event allow Canadians from across the country to learn more about this powerful event.

“… As one of the team members who got to share in the experience, I was awed to see how much support, happiness and pure politeness of everyone down there – that until, I thought everyone just decided to ditch and leave.

Silly me, it was time for the awards bruncheon (Did I just create a new word?) and everyone was eagerly taking their seats, filling their plates up with the “Canadian inspired brunch with desserts” carefully crafted by pastry chef, Caitlyn McDermott and coffee & tea.

Shortly after finishing up the delicious meal, Monica Kretschmer, founder and CEO of Canadian Business Chicks and of the WOI took the stage to commence the start of the awards presentations.

“Today I am filled with ‘gratitude’ as we celebrate the sesquicentennial anniversary of Canadian Confederation and the achievements of woman,” she said. “Together we are making a difference through celebration and recognition to shine the light on the incredible contributions women are making in our community and around the globe…”

Just a little sneak peak read and photos of the event…. but if you want to read and see more, you will have to wait until the issue is released at the end of October 2017.  Do you want to find out more about this showcase?  Check out the Canadian Business Chicks website!

Have you ever attended the WOI awards?  Was this your first year?  Tell us about it!  Why do you think this is such an important event for women across this great nation?  Share your stories with us!

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