What’s Trending 4 Halloween 2017

It’s four days away and you or the kids still might not know who they want to dress up as.  Don’t fret – you still have a couple days and we want to help share some of the halloween trends going down for the year.

There is always the traditional costumes as well as the big hit kids television show/ movie characters, but what about some more original on trend pieces to help you kid standout down the street trick or treating!  Are you heading to a costume party or attending a halloween event in your community?  We have listed just a few fun ideas for this Halloween.

  1.  Offred – The Handmaid’s Tale – Why not dress up as the Emmy-winning main character in the Handmaid’s Tale, Offred.  This outfit is simple, but play up the character and stand out as the role for Halloween.
  2. Pennywise – IT the movie – We have all done it and seen it – the adorable clowns and the evil ones.  This year you have a character to really play off your evil funny bone.  This should really scare the socks off of your friends and family who are already not keen to the idea of clowns.
  3. Trump – Donald Trump – This is a sticky one, so I can’t say much to the idea of dressing up as this man.  We are going to see it – be fun with it, safe and respectful.  But most importantly, pull out your best SNL character to portray this real life character.
  4. Wonder Woman – Wonder Woman – It’s great to see the empowerment of women lately.  Even more so in Hollywood blockbuster that blew records out of the world.  Come on ladies, let that inner super hero out and show your power portraying this years top super hero!
  5. The Big Bang Theory/ Stranger Things –  BBT/ ST clan – Heading to costume party with a group a friends?  Is there a group costume contest?  Why not go as one of the crews of some of the best television shows on tv/ on demand today.  Both the Big Bang Theory and Stranger things allows groups to include both men and women – have fun with it and let your inner actor come out.

These are just a couple of last minute ideas for Halloween 2017.  Still not what you are looking for?  Why not create something from scratch?  Become a character and be who you want to be.  This is one evening that everything can be out on the table.

Our wishes for you are to enjoy your halloween events safely and securely.  Of course, get lots and lots of candy.  What fun is it without it!  Happy Halloween!

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