We’re LIVE! Our Fall No. 8 Issue Released!

FRONT PHOTO, Jeff McDonald BACK PHOTO, Zev Abosh MODEL, Matt Vanderlee NAVY, Lieutenant(N) Geoff Kneller MAKEUP/HAIR, Douglas Cressman STYLING, KD Lamarche DIRECTOR, Mitch Wiebe & Tessa Lerbekmo-Joyes MODEL’S CLOTHING. Distinction Consignment LOCATION, Reader’s Rock Garden, Calgary

November has always been a special month in Canada. It’s the month where we take our time to remember the fallen soldiers who fought for our freedom in this country.

We wanted to dedicate an issue to being thankful and remembering the history of Canada for Remembrance day. It was a honouring theme to work with, as we learned a lot about Canada’s military background.

We are also excited to provide you a few features with a military and navy story along with a successful influential Canadian who empowers women. We are grateful that we have brave people in our country that help others, make differences and to be there for anyone in need. It’s the best part of this magazine journey is to find extraordinary stories to help others to be inspired.

Have a warm and safe winter,

The StandOUT Team

We thank you all for our support! We are excited to announce that we have reached over 2,000 readers and reached over 170,000 impressions on the issues we have published the last year or two. We could not be more thankful for our wonderful readers who believe in what we are doing.

We have new and exciting things being added to our platform the next couple of months so stay tuned while we bring new things to you all in 2018!

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P.S Here is one of our favourite story inside this issue: (to read the rest you must subscribe)

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