We are LIVE! No. 12 Spring 2019 Issue Release


Where we are located, we experienced a few weeks of the typical -40 cold snap this recent Winter. It gave us a chance to gather information, learn A LOT about race, get our magazine ready to be designed this month. We are extremely happy with the results as we had learn a lot about publication of real lifestyle issues and “touchy” subjects.

We are so grateful with our audience because of how many people submitted and were involved in this issue. We are excited to say our future issues this year is filling up quickly with amazing and inspiring Canadian personal and business stories.

We also would love to thank our clients who come back for our services and to trust us to execute their brand and vision. We are very passionate at what we do and we love to help others when they need it.

Stay tuned with our social media so you are kept in the loop with our creative services and magazine journey!

Check out HERE to read our issue for FREE online! You can order it in print too.

Have a great Spring! 

P.S This is our favourite article. This feature is the MAIN reason why we did this issue, because we wanted to help People of Color to educate the world.

Thanks to our team for all the hard work in this issue!

Stay tuned for more awesome issues coming out this year!

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