WCFW 2017

The Canadian demographic of artisans is massive throughout the country.  Especially for makeup artists, hairstylists and fashion designers, Fashion Weeks held across Canada helps showcase and network with the rest of the community and world. Toronto Fashion Week to Vancouver Fashion Week,  Saskatchewan Fashion Week to Western Canada Fashion Week in Edmonton, these outlets help bring imaginative design and artistry to the runways for the entire community to be apart of.

Kelly Rosborough – WCFW

Showcasing a wide variety of talent across western Canada, this gala helps expose the raw talents of our artistic Canada.

As shared on the Western Canada Fashion Week website, “Western Canada Fashion Week (WCFW), which was established in 2005, has developed into a nationally-recognized fashion and design event and the second-largest Fashion Week in Canada. What sets us apart is our mission to create a community of all involved in the fashion and beauty industries, including media and production staff. WCFW demonstrates a commitment to the development of the fashion, art and design community through subsidizing all designers who showcase at our events, creating competitions that generate recognition and financial support for entrants, and providing year-round opportunities for designers to market collections and gain publicity. We are unique among fashion weeks around the world because we are a platform for established designers as well as an in-house incubator that discovers new talent and launches the careers of young designers. WCFW is a local event with a global vision, enabling our designers to work locally while reaching larger markets.

“We are proud to have been a part of launching the careers of designers such as Sid Neigum, Caitlin Power, Derek Jagodzinsky (LUXX ready-to-wear), Malorie Urbanovitch, and Jessica Halabi as well as models such as Linsay Willier (Canada’s Next Top Model)and Ashley Callingbull (Mrs. Universe).”

For further information about this event or to purchase your tickets for the week long showcase from September 14 – 23, 2017, check out their website here.  Have you attended WCFW before?  Tell us your story and experience with StandOut Publications.

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