#trendytuesday with Jaia Talisman Stylist

QUICK TIP #1 – I like to keep it simple and group unusual pieces together.


Every Tuesday, we share about trendy products, services, ideas, and many more. We came across this talented stylist, Jaia Talisman Stylist who gave very simple tips about styling inside your home.

QUICK TIP #2 – Using natural elements like wood, metal and leather.

How refreshing is this style! We are honoured to share the gorgeous styling work by Jaia and photography by Darryl Pollock. If you are planning a new room change this upcoming Spring 2018, this is a great look to add to your inspo/moodboard!

QUICK TIP #3 – Natural light is a must and keeping the pallette neutral.

It is seriously one of our favourites we have seen in awhile. Super inspired! Future office look for StandOUT maybe?

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