Behind Our Magazine

With us gearing up and finishing our designs for the next No. 13 issue that releases next week, we are excited to share some fun facts about our magazine.

Since we are Canadian, we like to focus on our readers by learning how to think like them and give them what they want to read.

Check out below for some quick and fun facts about StandOUT Publications online and print on demand magazine!

  • our magazine isn’t full of advertising. The price that you pay for you WILL get full positive/inspiring stories along with high resolution and great quality of images and information.
  • our magazine doesn’t gossip or over photo shop.
  • our magazine is created by awesome creative Canadians across Canada that love to do what we do.
  • we offer print on demand where our readers, if they like a certain issue, they can order it online. It arrives 1-2 weeks and you can enjoy an afternoon read by the window.
  • we also offer FREE online magazine where people can read it online while they are relaxing or waiting for their next destination.
  • our blog also offers quick and fun read for our audience to check out to be kept in the loop.
  • our Social Media and magazine is connected. We do a lot of behind the scenes so readers and our audience can watch how we work.
  • our magazine is created by humble, real, positive, creative, driven, dedicated and amazing Canadian professionals.
  • our magazine contents is all about lifestyle to help everyone feel good!
  • we love to collaborate with local businesses and Canadians so we are always welcoming ideas and submissions as long as they follow the company’s guideline.

Stay tuned for our People of Colour No. 13 Issue coming next week!


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