That Christmas Edge

Last week, I wrote about some unique ideas on how to present your fashion style at a Christmas or holiday party.  I gave a couple ideas for both men and women – we all go to them, so I have to play for both teams.

I mentioned that for the lady outfits (not that man can’t wear makeup) that they can apply their makeup in a way to accent or strengthen their outfit.  By no means, am I a makeup artists, but I can say I have for sure designed what I wanted the makeup look for many of my personal and professional photo shoots.  I know what looks good and how to create that edge with a little bit of work.

So. with that being said, I have gather just a few of the trending makeup design and application for the Fall/ Winter 2017/ 2018 season, as well as the holidays.  I’m actually heading out to a Christmas party later this afternoon with an amazing Calgary company that knows how to treat it’s employees and I am sure I will get to see some very unique and original styles coming out of everyone.   Well, here are my ideas:

  1. Classic Smoky Eye – I am and will always probably will be a fan of the smoky eye.  If done right, it can really be a show-stopper.  There are so many ways to do classic 50’s smoky eye to a modern futuristic take on it.  Have fun with it.  But if you are going to wear a smoky eye at a holiday party, try to ‘smoke’ with holiday colours or ones that accent your wardrobe.  Maybe try a gold shimmer and green undertone.  The smoky eye always looks great with light contouring and a nude lip.  Try try it out.
  2. Pop the Underliner – Some of the ladies love the makeup while others would way rather go with something more simple and clean.  Well, for those ladies, you can create a stunning look with just two beautiful accent underlines.  Is navy your wardrobe colour of choice?  Why not add a jewel tone navy under the lower waterline.  With your clean makeup, rose cheeks and nude lips, you are not only popping, but so is your makeup.
  3. Powerfully Defined – Running late?  Babysitter hasn’t arrived?  Still need to do your makeup?  I think this quick but powerfully appealing idea will help you stand out like the boss.  Define your jawline with a bronzer.  Blend carefully along the bone for that dramatic look.  Add a smoky violet lip and silver eye, you will be rocking it high-class.  This look would look great with a short hair style.

I’m not a professional stylist, makeup artist, or hair designer but I had to throw out my personal go-to’s for the ladies for makeup.  There are always endless possibilities – try something different.  Evolve and define your style over the holiday parties.

Do you have your go-to makeup and hair that just works justice for an event or holiday party?  Share your style with us.  Have quick fix secrets for makeup and hair – tell us!

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