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It’s that time of the month again when the StandOUT team is looking for creativity from across the country for our monthly photo contest.  It a simple way for you to have your original work and beautiful pieces of photographic art to be showcased across the country.  So what are you waiting for? The submission requirements are easy, but we will remind you how those are:

District12 Photographics

  1.  Photo must be taken within Canada in 2017
  2.  Photos can be anything from fashion, nature, landscape, architecture or anything one sees as something to be showcased.
  3.   Photos can contain nudes, however, they must not be pornographic or too sexy in style.  We want to showcase you work, but must be presentable to all ages of audience
  4.  Must be age of majority in your province to submit.
  5.  To submit me, you must include:  a brief write up about yourself, the photographic, where it was taken and why you believe it standouts.  You must include your name, age, email address, etc.
  6.   Photos will only be expected in full-resolution, original file form.  No small Facebook or social network files will be accepted.  Files must be at LEAST 1mb in size.
  7.  Only one photo per person, per month can be submitted.  Only winner(s) will be contacted.

District12 Photographics

And it is as simple as that.  Does this spark your interest and excite you?  Email you full and completed submission package to  Submission deadline is Friday, August 25, 2017 by 4 p.m. MST (Alberta Time)

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