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It’s been an extremely exciting six months for StandOUT Publications.  We have been reaching across this great nation to tell original stories about ordinary Canadians doing extraordinary things.  Whether the talents are in the art industry or business, we help expose the raw Canadian values and strength of our pride & humble beginnings in every issue.

It’s great to be part of Canada’s 150th birthday, as most of us will only see such a celebration once in our lifetime.  And we want to do everything in our power to help showcase to the rest of the world what Canada really has to offer and showcase those talents across the globe.
StandOUT Publications has been working hard on promoting talented and inspiring people across Canada on our website blogosphere.  We have invited 150 standOUT Canadian’s to submit their stories to be published on our website.  We have encountered very special, inspirational, touching and emotional stories that really help us to connect to people all around the country.  But our work here isn’t done.
For Canada’s 150th birthday, StandOUT Publications will be releasing a special birthday issue during the first week of July.  What does this mean?  We will be showcasing 150 of our standOUT Canadians, as well as producing an exceptional feature on our #1 standOUT Canadian.  This issue will be filled entirely with Canadian pride, stories about people like you and I, and maybe some facts that you didn’t know about our great nation.

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What does this mean for you?  If you subscribe to our digital subscription system before June 30, 2017, you will receive, not only our latest issue released on June 30 emailed to your inbox, but FREE, our special issue celebrating 150 great years of Canada within the first week of July.
But remember, this freebie is only available to those who have previous subscriptions and those who subscribe before June 30.  Are you interested?  You have an option to print on demand.  Or, go see our subscription options and start standing out with the rest of Canada.

We look forward to celebrating 150 years of Canadian pride with the rest of our fellow country.  If you see us out and about celebrating, be sure to come say “hi”.  It will be another 50 years before we can party this hard again, so let’s do it right.  Peace, togetherness, safety, love and pride… Sounds pretty Canadian, eh?

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