Stand OUT with SOP Creative Team

StandOut Publications creative team is filled with professionals from many spectrums of the artistic community.  With years and years of experience, education and knowledge, these artists offer spactacular additional services to people and clients outside of StandOut.

Photography: Zev Abosh
Styled: KD Lamarche

From photographers to makeup artists, graphic designers to writers, StandOut wants to share the talented services to the public.  The creative team works very closely together with the magazine, however, many team members offer their services to the public as well.

Want to meet our team and check out the services they can provide to you?  Check out the roaster below:

  1. CEO – Tessa Lerbekmo-Joyes – Graphic and Layout Designer

  2. CREATIVE MANAGER – Mitch Wiebe – Photographer & Writer

  3. EXECUTIVE CONSULANT – KD Lamarche – Fashion Stylist

    Makeup: Doug Cressman

  4. BEAUTY DIRECTOR – Doug Cressman – Makeup & and Hair Stylist

  5. PHOTO EDITORS – Zev Abosh and Jeff McDonald – Photographers

  6. VIDEO EDITOR – Sergey Abramov – Videographer

Are you looking to hire any of these talented professionals?  Check out their individual website and contact them for further details.  Be sure to mention that you found them on the SOP blog page.

Photography: Mitch Wiebe

Or do you just like seeing our creative team develop our work and magazine?  Stay tuned… the next issue is out late next week!  Be sure to subscribe or order your hardcopy, when available.

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