SIGNS of SUCCESS – What you hear is what I see.

Welcome to our NEW Documentary Project for Storyhive & Telus! We are competing for a $10K production grant and we kindly need your help to vote for us every day until Friday night and please share it with all of your friends, family, and colleagues! While we are being judged by a jury, we would love to get some public vote love if possible!

If you’re curious to see how the journey goes for Standout Publications (new office this summer and a new event in 2020) and watch Tessa as a deaf CEO, wife, and parent closed behind doors on TV… this is your chance!

All you have to do is CLICK on this link and then CLICK on the big yellow VOTE button every day until Friday night!

“The woman behind StandOUT Publications is the epitome of a leader – breaking down barriers and bridging gaps between communities. She is an advocate and a role model for accessibility, a loyal and dedicated family member, an artistic designer, a trailblazer in two major communities, and a natural-born comedian. Tessa Lerbekmo-Joyes, the CEO and founder of StandOUT Publications is not just the head of her company – she is a wife, a mother of two, and a Deaf person spearheading her way into the hearing world. Being heavily involved in the communities of Calgary and the small town of Cremona, Tessa is well-known and, quite frankly, established in the artistic community. She is a person who has not let her Deafness limit her from doing what she loves and engaging in everyday society.”

Also, please LIKE the new FB page for this documentary so you can be kept in the loop about this exciting project!

We thank you all for your time and support in believing in this great Canadian company and story.

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