Shooting at NvrldYYC

On May 4th, we had our No. 13 body issue cover photo shoot and a video shoot! The awesome studio Nvrlnd is located at 1048 21 Avenue Southeast Calgary, AB. The highlight of this shoot was working with Colour Me Weird, the eco-friendly and local designer from Edmonton. The home wear apparel was absolutely amazing that the ladies did not want to take them off and that some people bought some of the pieces after the shoot!

Our fabulous team worked for hours doing hair and makeup on 5 different females. They all were different ages and had different body types. It was inspiring, empowering and fun.


Our dancer would leap in the air and other ladies worked on yoga poses to emphasize that no matter who we are, we love ourselves and within.

Our photographers captured some amazing photographs and video clips to document this day. Our videographers worked on setting up a film corner to record some scripts for a huge project we will be announcing soon.

The studio was open, bright, and an empty canvas for us to work with. It was one of the best studios we worked in Calgary. When we work with studios, only a few simple things are required. A bathroom, open space, big windows for natural lighting, the decent height of ceiling and electricity. NvrlndYYC had all of that and our shoot felt like at home.

We highly recommend this studio in Calgary for any creative use or smaller events!

Our next issue comes out the end of June 2019!

We loved working with every single person in this photo! It was a shoot to remember.

Photography by McDonald Photography and Macarophotoyyc.

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