Remembering Tara Roe

To be reminded of the tragic events of Las Vegas early this month is something we don’t want to remember, but it’s important for us to always bring light to the positive.  Vegas is a place for fun, exploration, relaxation, and enjoying the sites and sounds on the strip.

Tragically, four Canadians lost their lives enjoying the sites and sounds of Vegas during a beautiful concert.  One in particular was Tara Roe, born Manitobian, resided in Okotoks.

As reported by Riley Laychuk on the website,

Family and friends of Tara Roe say the former Brandon resident was “a beautiful soul” whose loss will be devastating for many in the Manitoba city.

Sources close to the family of Roe, 34, told CBC News the Calgary-area woman was among the spectators at an outdoor music festival in Las Vegas, where a mass shooting Sunday night left dozens of people dead.

She is the fourth Canadian to be confirmed dead in the shooting. Initially reported missing by friends and family, Roe’s photo was circulated on social media on Monday. Late Monday evening, friends and family got the grim news.

“It’s still so fresh,” said Loretta Hamilton, who lives on the same street in Brandon as Roe’s parents. Her two daughters went to school with Roe and her sister, and grew up across the street from them.

“I wasn’t sleeping all night. As a parent, as a mother, I couldn’t turn off the idea of 18 hours of her being missing and then finding out your child is gone,” she said…

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Tara’s shinning soul allowed her to work with Sophia Models International of Calgary and as a teacher’s assistant at a local school in Okotoks.  She was a mother of two beautiful children and a wife to a handsome husband and father.

In tragedy, it’s hard to look at the positives without feeling hate.  But. it’s important to forgive but never forget the legacy that Tara gave to her community, friends and family.  We wish to all those (Canadians, Americans and world travellers) who were effected by the heartless crime, the best in healing, sympathies for those who lost their lives too short, love, peace and happiness to get through such a devastating event.


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