Remember Why I am in Canada

So we find ourselves between Thanksgiving and Remembrance Day.  Both very significant days in Canada to help our citizens show respect for the fallen and show their thanks for being part of the Canadian culture and society.

But often times, we actually don’t take the minute to think about it.  I wanted to share why I am so thankful to be in Canada and not just with some fancy gibberish, but backing to my reasons.

  1.  Some time ago, I was in a very serious and life altering car accident.  I was in a coma for a bit and I had to learn how to walk, talk, read and write again.  I was 18 years old and very healthy.  Medically, the specialists didn’t understand how I was recovering so quickly, but I was.  Long story short, I am here, I’m healthy, happy and pushing on to make every day the best that I can.

    I remember the years of successful healing, and that was all to do because of the free healthcare Canada provides to its’ citizens.  Of course we pay taxes into it, but at least it is a social program that everyone uses in this country.  It’s a well spent tax dollar.  My insurance paid out almost a quarter of a million dollars for health and rehabilitation care throughout my recovery.  Can you imagine if we lived in the United States.  I actually stated to my mother after seeing those numbers that if we weren’t in Canada, I would have wanted them to let nature take its’ course, as I would never want to put my family in debt, especially if I didn’t make it.  This reason, and that reason alone is why I am so thankful to live in such the great country of Canada.

  2. For any individual, now or in the last 20 years, coming out to your family and friends as being a part of the LGTBQ is a very frightening thing.  For myself, I came out approximately nine years ago (Don’t be going and trying to figure out my age now).  It was a tough go, but I know, not as tough as some people experience.  But slowly, the notion of the idea of being part of the community never crossed their minds.  I was able to integrate myself smoothly in my real self.  My form of me and normalcy became a reality.

    I recently wrote a story about LGTBQ history in Canada which can be found in our latest issue.  Go subscribe.  Even for our community, we must remember the fight and commitment our brothers/ sisters gave to the community to ensure its’ equal right and laws for protection are in place.  For that reason, I’m thankful I live in Canada.  Another being, we live in a country that not only believes in the original traditional of a marriage, but also that love is love and we all should experience it.  Thank you Canada!

  3. Lastly, it’s about the experience.  Where else in the northern hemisphere and other places in the world can you be yourself, no matter what sexuality, religion, ethnicity, etc etc you are?  We can walk down the streets night or day and in most cases, not have to worry about our safety.  We can roam our lands and beautiful national parks without the fear of road side bombs or surprise attacks on civilians.  Yes, there has been an up-rise in Canadian terrorism, but our country continues to give us the freedom, protection and security to live our every day lives is a calm and peaceful citizen.I’m so very thankful of this.  At times, I have to admit that, I take it for granted.  But then, I just have to remember what else is going on in the world.  Turn on the television – it’s not difficult to see and understand what I am saying.  We were given an advantage of no choice but chance of birth to be here or to immigrate and for that reason, we must uphold our proudness and Canadian values.

So, what I ask all of our readers and loyalists, take some time and actually REMEMBER and be truly THANKFUL for what we get as Canadians.  We might not have all the things we want, but remember what we do have – An amazing country that has given every citizen the right to live, laugh and love!

We are Canadians.  We StandOut.

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