Redefining Gender Codes No. 14 Issue Launches in Time for Pride!


Well, it’s the time of the year! It’s back to school, it’s the end of Summer, it’s almost Fall and it’s also the month of Pride in Alberta.

We have been wanting to do this issue for awhile. The timing couldn’t be more perfect to release just by the Pride Parade in Calgary on September 1st, 2019.

We have a lot to say about this issue. We would like you guys to read through it and let us know if you have any questions or concerns. It’s a new subject that is being talked about in the open. It can be negative and it can be positive. Our talk is all positive to give this community a voice.

Letter from the Editor:

The benefactor of being able to produce a magazine, such as this one, is the incredible people you meet and get to know on such a deeper level through interviews, photoshoots, and all the communication through the process. 

Each issue, especially this one, has taught our team so much in the ever-evolving understanding of all humankind. Our world is a scary place right now, but it is also an incredibly beautiful place too. Through the ugliest of times, can bring such beauty, with a purpose. Nope, it is not a pretty ride, not easy, not wished upon anyone to go through. But through this life people around the world are evolving, in the means of communication. The most important communication lesson is, being true to one’s self. Yup that “hippy” line that some see it as. It really is simply about truth on all sides and acceptance. It is about being open about who each of us are and how we all have been all along (Forever BTW! Learn more on page 30, “Did You Know?”).

We just didn’t openly talk enough about it & share it to the degree to which so many are standing up to today. This has widened the information to which we all have access to and are becoming aware of. And to us, that is the most important key to a future of a ‘One Love’ world, is understanding. That’s where this issue on Redefining Gender Codes comes to life. Openly talking about those daunting questions, you may have, but may be too afraid to ask about the ever-evolving understanding of the true meaning of “gender”. Our fabulous cover star, Alison Ashdown, sits in with our KD Lamarche and some of our readers to compile incredible insights to the gender diversities out there on Page 8. The vivacious Mal, shares her story on page 28. And so many more incredible Canadians sharing their real world. – Sabrina May

One of our favourite layouts that we worked with was the #YYCDRAG. Look how bright, cheerful and artistic this lifestyle is.


Click on the link HERE to read more of the magazine and you ARE able to order yourself a print (shipped to your mailbox 1-2 weeks) for approx $20 (including shipping).

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