RAW: Natural Born Artists

StandOUT Publications had the pleasure of attending Raw: Natural Born Artists on July 21 at the Marquee in Calgary. Raw is an international indie arts event for artists, by artists. Every quarter, the Raw team hand selects visual art, photography, accessories, performing arts, and hair and makeup to attend their event. What’s more, Raw is held in 60 locations across the globe – some of which include cities inside the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK.

Raw’s mission is to provide artists with tools, resources, and exposure. I had the pleasure of watching celebrity hair stylist, Jami Symons, create his hair magic live at the event. What is unique about this event is that many people do not get to see the prep before a show as it is always done backstage. With artists performing their trade live, people were able to watch and observe the creation and finesse that each artist puts into their work. Jami is a master and is well recognized for his craft. He is a part of the Oribe Team and his Salon was nominated for Best Team and Best Of Calgary in the Inaugural Alberta Hair And Beauty Awards this upcoming September. We, at Standout Publications, wish him and his team all the best.

Along with Jami, I also had the pleasure of seeing another amazingly talented artist, Olga Sem, on stage. Olga is the founder of Masks International and I have had the pleasure of knowing her for a while. Her mask making is absolutely stunning and her shows definitely blow the minds of the audience.

The night also had some great painters showcasing their work, as well as some great local jewelry. I love the concept of this event as it is for artists, by artists. The city of Calgary has some amazing talent and this is a venue for people to come out and and see just how talented this city is.

Article and Photos by Douglas Cressman

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