Our No. 11 Issue is LIVE!

We are pleased to announce our 11th LOVE issue has been released tonight. It’s been a long time waiting as we are going through some changes with the office location the last couple of months and the next.

Click HERE to view the issue online and/or order it in print to be mailed to your door. 

This issue is dedicated to love, passion, dreams, marriage and professionals to end Summer on a good note and to welcome Fall. 

We are excited to share that we have a full time creative services company and the magazine will always be with us. Our clients are getting what they need and we are always intrigued to help anyone who has an idea that needs information, help, knowledge and the right professionals to work with.

Our positive and inspiring magazine about Canadians is our other focus to create a positive platform for our readers to look forward to read.

Make sure you follow us on Instagram so you can watch our ‘Instagram Stories’ that shows everything behind StandOUT Publications. You don’t want to miss it! 

Thanks to every single person on the team and family/friends with our readers for the support we have always gotten. It keeps growing and we are almost reaching our 200,000 hits for impressions on all of our past issues. Let’s keep inspiring the world! 

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