No More Movement – Coming Up Event on August 25th in YYC.

What are you doing this Saturday night?

Do you believe in safety for women and men in workspace?
Then you will want to learn about this event and see if you can attend!

“As a CEO, it is my job to stick to our company’s guideline which is to help spread the message about respect, boundaries, positivity and inspirations. 

This message is from the company’s heart and each of the members working for StandOUT Publications. We all have some dark stories and sometimes we keep them tucked away for decades. Not anymore because there’s a big event coming this weekend to help spread the awareness of boundaries and rules in workspaces for women and men. This event is a great one to attend to support. Personally, I have decided to share a few scenarios to help our audience and readers understand the ‘why’. Business owners create solutions for the world that comes from their heart and mostly have the reason WHY they’re doing it.

One time I was working at a job with a few bosses. One of the boss made me feel extremely uncomfortable by shaking my hand everyday then rubbing my arm quickly after. When he found out I only lived a few blocks away from him he started to stalk slowly. He would ask me personal things and I got to the point where I told the other bosses about him and I quit afterwards.

One summer, I was working at a golf course as a beer cart girl. I could not keep track of how many verbal harassments I encountered. I would go home wondering what was said to me was worth complaining to my bosses and put my position in risk.

At an event way back when,  I was getting a photo taken with a man at an event while I was  working.  He turned me around to hug me and told me to pose like I was having sex with him for the photos. The photos ended up showing me pushing him off and I reported him to the police right after.”

  • Tessa Lerbekmo-Joyes

Eduardo Soponar behind Monica Model Management is hosting this event to give parents the gift of comfort knowing their sons and daughters are safe in any industry. Their vision is to help the world where women and men are treated with dignity and feel safe at work everyday. 

All ages event. Doors open at 7pm. Event start at 8pm. Check out their Facebook page for more information and buy your ticket here

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