No. 6 August Cover Photo Shoot – “Behind the SUCCESS Issue”

The StandOUT team found its members down on 17th Avenue in Calgary yesterday as it was the day of our 6th monthly cover shoot. What a treat it was to shoot our Success issue at the office of the well-known Brett Wilson featured on Dragons’ Den.

District12 Photographics


As the team met upstairs in the lobby, we were welcomed not only by Mr. Wilson and colleagues, but a set that none of us were expecting. The beautiful lobby (which I will call country modern) was filled with dark hues, natural woods, and beautiful interior design. We all knew StandOUT hit the jackpot with this location as we quickly set up to begin our shoot.

For this issue, we decided to choose our owner and CEO, Tessa, to be our cover-girl. Although it may seem like a conflict-of-interest, Tessa is the epitome of hard work and success. She has known struggle and has faced challenges unique to her person – so we decided to share her story.
The lobby gave the team a wide variety of locals to shoot with which gave our photographers the perfect outlet to let their creative juices flow. What’s more, Mr. Wilson decided to come and mingle with the team, photobombing a few pictures, to our surprise.
As we were setting up, a loud blaring sound took us all by surprise. We all looked at one another, knowing what just happened: the fire alarm went off and the building was being evacuated. Thanks to the Calgary Fire Department, within 15 minutes, the building was cleared and everyone was back into their offices. The team got back on track and quickly finished the shoot.
What a great day!  Stay tuned for these powerful images to be published in our next issue (No. 6) due to be released at the end of August (digitally and print-on-demand).

District12 Photographics

StandOUT Publications would like to thank you to Brett Wilson and his team for allowing us to use the beautiful lobby for this shoot.
Remember, what’s the point of trying to stand out when you already do.  Embrace your successes as there is not one true definition to each individual.


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Makeup: Douglas Cressman
Hair: Karnell Goebel
Styling: KD Lamarche
Director: Mitch Wiebe
Clothing: Eleven 16 DRS
Photographers: Jeff McDonald and Mitch Wiebe



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