NEW Issue Published! Please Welcome Our 10th Issue & Video

Hello readers!

Hope you are having a good beginning of the season of Spring! We are pleased to announce of our 10th issue release today. The exciting thing is? It’s FREE to read and share!

Our platform has expanded as we added more positive content for our readers along with creative services. Did you know that our blog is a free way of getting a shout out to your connections across the country? We believe in building a network in Canada to share the Canadian businesses and stories of Canadians to inspire and support one another. Contact us if you would like to have a blog post shout out featuring your short story or your business and products.

To read the magazine online, click here. To order your print for $12 including shipping, click here. *Psst, your print will arrive in your mail 1-2 weeks, it’s so amazing to see it in print as well! The stories are great to read while you are waking up in the morning and need a positive material to read or on your way to work.

Let us know what your thoughts are and we are always looking for new stories to be published in our bimonthly issues!

Our favourite story this issue was: Overcoming Loss & Addiction. Absolute FULL ON GOOSEBUMPS. Read on….

Check out the video below of the cover shoot that our videographer from New West Video produced for us!

We have to say thanks to our whole team for their hard work the last couple of months! We are excited to say that stories are filling up fast, so send in yours!

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