Neveen Dominic 2016 Obsidian Award Nominee


This Saturday, September 17 of 2016, the Jubilee rolls out the red carpet to celebrate the impact of extraordinary leadership, excellence and innovation,of people within, or in support of the African, Caribbean and Afro- Canadian cultures of Alberta.

Neveen Dominic, nominated for the Fashion Industry Professional of The Year, exemplifies all of the above. I met her today and what struck me first, was her passion. Passion to serve. Passion to motivate and inspire. And above all, passion to build self esteem, to show people their strength and beauty by teaching them to love who they are. She is a self described cheerleader.


Coming from South Sudan, she found it difficult to find cosmetics for darker skin. As an astute business person she seized the opportunity to address this neglected niche by creating her own cosmetic line, Neveen Dominic Cosmetics. Building her own brand of high quality products, multicultural makeup, with a constant eye on customer needs, a piece of her goes into each new development.

A strong woman, Neveen has overcome many adversities. Before leaving Sudan, she lost family members to the war, including her father, a politician. Believing his post was not about importance but of being a servant to the people, he passed to her a charitable heart and the desire to be of service. It is from the platform of her cosmetic business that she is beginning to fulfill her dream of becoming a philanthropist.

In 2008 she created Beauty Response to Cancer. In 2009 it became a registered charity. Wanting to help cancer patients cope with the cosmetic, and psychological aspects of chemo and radiation treatments she now provides hair styling, wigs and cosmetics. All at no charge. Operating only on donations and volunteers, the agency is not big but the impact is far from small.


A bigger piece of what she gives is her heart. She is truly devoted to people, Her passion to lift self esteem and to show people their inherent worth is undeniable. Her day job is working with disabled clients and in fact, she will not be attending the awards ceremony. She will be working with clients she feels need her more.

About the awards, she feels proud to be nominated. That means she, her product, her brand and her charity has been recognized. Like her father, being of service is more important than being in the limelight. When I asked how she felt about the competition she laughed and said. “There are three possible outcomes, I win, I tie, I lose”. “Disappointment doesn’t know me,” she added. I see only one outcome for this: proud, strong, professional and passionate woman.
No matter what happens Saturday night, I see a tie. Both she, and her clients are definite winners.

Check out her MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY video clip HERE!

Written by Catherine Tkatch

Videography by New West Video

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