Nature Walks in YYC

Being so close the mountains, Calgarians and area locals find themselves heading out to the mountains much through out the spring and summer.  It allows one to get out of the busy and bustling city, to take the time for some fresh air and beauty within the Canadian landscape.  And not only for locals, the mountains are a huge tourist destination for people wanting to experience the clean and crisp environment of the natural wilderness.

However, did you know that one doesn’t have to leave the city or local area of Calgary to experience much of what the mountain landscape has to offer west of the city?  StandOUT Publications wants to help local nature enthusiasts just how to get their fix within the city limits.  Below are the most popular and naturally appealing inner city parks and paths.

  1. Inglewood Bird Sanctuary and Nature Centre – A naturally beautiful environment for many species, Inglewood is naturally lined with many walking paths and breath taking views for your family to enjoy.  As reported on the City of Calgary website, “While a large portion of the Bird Sanctuary is now opened, the north field still remains closed to public due to continuing remediation efforts.  Reminder: Inglewood Bird Sanctuary is a natural environment – no bicycles or dogs permitted on site (except assistance dogs).”
  2. Edworthy Park – Edworthy Park is a serene and peaceful destination for anyone looking to take some time for themselves and relax.  Extensive paths and natural habitat surround the park, as the majestic Bow River lines and sparkles you way. As reported on the City of Calgary website, “Edworthy Park sits in a valley along the Bow River in southwest Calgary and includes the majestic Douglas Fir Trail and historical Lawrey Gardens.”
  3. Fish Creek Provincial Park – Located in the southern part of Calgary, Fish Creek Provincial Park is the second largest “urban park” in Canada.  Its’ extensive size and land area gives Calgarians and tourists and opportunity to enter the park through multiple entrance points.  Hence, visitors will never see the same thing with the hundreds of kilometres of paved and unpaved pathways and the 200 plus species of birds, animals and fish.  And if that is enough, there are many areas for picnics, bbqs and eats.
  4. Carburn Park – Carburn park offers a variety of walking paths, fishing spots and recreational areas that make this park a perfect retreat for a weekend day trip into nature.  Located near the community of Riverbend, this peaceful area allows for one to collectively enjoy what nature really is.  And in the winter, the pond is froze over to allow the community to use it as an ice skating rink.  Fun never ends in Carburn.
  5. Bowness Park – Found in the northwest quadrant of the city, Bowness Park is another large urban area that parallels the Bow River.  Open green space allows for families and friends to take part in ball sports such as soccer & football, as well as other activities like picnics, boating and even mini-golf.  Want to just enjoy the fresh air?  Get your exercise and fill of nature with its’ extensive walking paths.

Canada has a wide variety of natural parks through out the country and in urban centres.  We, as Canadians, must take pride in these protected areas that are just steps out our doors.  Instead of heading to the mountains for the day or weekend, try out one of these amazing local parks.

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