Local Jewelry to Check Out for Stampede

1. What is the meaning or story behind the brand name?

Ebony + Sparrow is a fusion between modern jewelry and designs inspired by the Canadian wilderness. I wanted the brand to represent both those qualities. I use wood in many of my designs. Ebony wood is beautiful and has a rich quality. I wanted my jewelry to have a similar feeling so I picked Ebony to be part of my name. I also wanted something to reflect the nature part of my collection. A bird, the sparrow with its beautiful song, seemed like a perfect complement.

2. Explain the specifics and background of the company.

Ebony + Sparrow was originally created because I couldn’t find, at the time, simple jewelry pieces, that I could wear everyday. I was a busy mother and I needed pieces that would wear well, that were beautiful and unique, and that I could pair with multiple outfits. I was also concern with what was in my jewelry. I didn’t want nasty metals touching my skin, so I have sources safe metals. The metals also come from sustainable and recycled sources. I also wanted to share my love of nature and the beauty of the Canadian outdoors in small wearable forms. Many of the designs have stories and backgrounds to them. I find many people connect with these stories and end up purchasing pieces to remind them of their ownperson adventures, travel and memories.

3. How does the company STANDOUT?

Ebony + Sparrow stands out because our designs and unique and one of a kind. Our cutout designs, all done by hand, are truly special. There isn’t anything like them out there. We are also committed to quality. Part of being sustainable is creating pieces that will last and not be thrown away after a season.

4. Why this piece suits for Calgary Stampede 2018?

When I think of the stampede I think of its uniqueness to the city of Calgary. If you are from out of town or even country the stampede is a unique event in this city and people know about it. It’s a down to earth, all ages event. This ring’s design similarly is unique, accessible and designed with quality in mind. It’s simple yet makes a statement. The starry night pendants remind me of time spent with friends and family around a camp fire. Up all night visiting and sharing memories. The stampede is often a time for friends and family to meet together, share in the festivities, enjoying each others company, often until the stars and the moon come up. Again I think another wonderful aspect of the Stampede, it brings the city together. Everyone comes together for the events and the famous pancake breakfasts!


Rings: $60-$65

Mountain Pendants: $80-85


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