Local Canadian Jeweller + Grammy’s 2019

1. What is Rockstar Jewelry and how was it established?  

Rockstar Jewelry is an Edmonton based jewelry business that specializes in hand made jewelry ranging from one of a kind earrings to beautifully hand crafted rings using gemstones sourced from all over the world. Rockstar Jewelry was established in 2009 wherein owner Jeremy started making simple jewelry to keep his mind busy.

2. How did the experience with the Grammy’s start?  

My experience with the Grammys would have started last year, had I not inquired about it after the cut-off time. I was asked to re-inquire in early January of last year. From there, I submitted an image of what I was going to have as my entry into the gift bag, and the rest is history.

 3. What was the positive outcome with being involved with the Grammy’s?  

So far, the positive outcome has been an overall positive response to my business, increased awareness and a slight bump in sales. We’ll see how the later pans out as the Grammy’s have just ended.
4. What means to you the most about being a Canadian jeweller?  

What means the most to me as a Canadian jeweller? Simply put, being part of an amazing community of incredibly talented people.
5. What stands OUT the most about Rockstar Jewelry?

Along with the attention to detail in each piece, it’s also the minimalistic look in each piece created.


Make sure you check out their collection as we know we would love to own a few pieces ourselves!

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