Let’s Talk Bullying

The 2017 school year has begun.  Every year, educational institutions educate and remind its’ student of the negative repercussions of bullying.

When I was growing up, bullying had to be done in person.  Now-a-days, bullying can be done through so many different outlets in so many different ways.  It’s a scary though, knowing that bullying was bad when I was growing up.  Before, teachers and adults where able to help more by punishing the bully and knowing of the situations going on within the school yard and classroom.  Today is different.

In a growing age of technology, we all must be aware of the accessibility to those who choose to partake in the bullying actions.  It is easier and some times is done in the secrecy of a person’s own home.  Help reduce this traumatizing emotional and psychological effects on a person’s body and emotions.

1.  Talk to you children  – Educate your children on the negative aspects of bullying and bully.  This will help them to recognize the occurrence or signs of a bully or someone being bullied.

2.  Ask about their personal relationships – Earlier than ever, kids are trying to find their own independence.  But some times this comes at a cost to their personal selves.  Take some time out of your day and find out how their personal relationships are working in and out of school.  If there seems to be concerns, they must be addressed.

3. Start a conversation with the community – Be proactive with other parents, teachers and community members.  If there is bullying occurrences at your child’s school, talk about it.  Start the conversation because if it’s not talked about, it won’t be solved.

4.  Be honest with yourself – We might think our kids are the perfect angels and would never bully another kid.  Think again and don’t be naive.  Kids are kids, kids are followers and kids want to know their place in the school playground hierarchy.  We don’t have to smoother our children, but we need to be present in their lives too.  Know the signs and learn how to talk to your children if there is proof that they have been bullying.

5.  We are our own people – Bullying will only stop if the bully is exactly that.  Educate your children on the importance of being confident, knowing right from wrong and being a positive leader.  Their fear may be the ‘nickname’ of the “tattle-tale” on the playground, but let them know the positive awards of being on who tries and stops the kiddish games.  Someone who stands up for the little guy is often the leader and the mature person of the group.


Now, these are just a couple suggestions how to help your child make it through the school year as the most successful and kind person they can be.  By no means are these professional views, opinions or suggestions, but rather common sense.  The common sense that assures that every child feels safe and secure during their educational journeys.

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