Let Us Feature Your Canadian Made Products – Call for Props

StandOUT Publications encourages all Canadians from across the country to involve themselves and their companies with our magazine.  We want to help promote and represent to all of Canada and the world what Canadian really is.

StandOUT Publications is always on the look out for unique, all Canadian products that can help fit within our monthly theme and story for each cover.

Do you have an inspiring business or know someone who does?  On each monthly cover, we want to showcase these talents on each, with representative product placement.  We are currently looking for all-Canadian products to utilize as props on our covers for each month.

For our latest cover to be produced on June 30, 2017, we are looking for local, small ‘mom & pop’ catering companies or bakeries interested in providing the publication with their products to be showcased on the next cover.

Although details cannot be released, we are needing a company to provide beautifully decorated baked goods, deli type products such as sandwiches and drinks and any thing that works with a high end ‘picnic’ product.

Does this sound like you?  Are you interested in being a part of a this growing and successful Canadian publication?  We are excited to work with national & local Canadian companies to help strengthen our story & brand and to showcase the extraordinary talents across this great nation.

Please contact info@standoutpublications.com if this sounds like the opportunity for you and your company.  We love to showcase the raw talents in any form and any location across Canada.  We want to help you.

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