It’s an Excuse to Party

Can you believe we are less than a week away from December?  Do you know what that means?  It means holiday/ Christmas party season is full on started.  Companies are awarding their employees with some parties for their hard work throughout the year.  Families are throwing traditions before, during and after Christmas.  But are you wanting to throw your own little holiday get together with just friends?  Here are a just a couple of ideas that I would for sure try out with my friends.

  1. 18+ Chinese gift exchange:
    We have all done a similar game where you are are the one who brings the best gift.  Everyone fights for that one and you are left with a ‘last-minute, grab-something-out-of-the-sales-bin’ kind of gift.  Frustrating, but fun at the least.  This time, set a theme and price limit for this adult-only game.  Since it’s Canada 150 this year, why not set a limit of $15.00 per person and everyone has to purchase some kind of Canadian made liquor.  Sounds fun – everyone will get something they want, get to try a different taste of Canada or even, have the party go all night long… just be sure to have safe rides home!
  2. Bobbing for Candy Canes:
    The host of the party to purchase a small gift, wrap it multiple times, duct-tape the package, or whatever to make this game fun, competitive and a great moment to take candid photos.  Ever heard of ‘bobbing for apples’?  Of course you can – now take this classic Halloween game and make it more festive. Purchase small candy canes, put them in a large bowl – fill that large bowl with whipping cream or something else delectable, covering the candy so it can’t be seen.  Have each player ‘bob’ one at a time.  When the player finds a candy cane – they can start trying to unwrap the gift until the next player successfully ‘bobs’ our their candy cane.  Play around with it.
  3. Christmas Egg Nog Contest:
    Have all your friends create their own “ADULT” eggnog for a taste testing contest.  Make sure you have each friend bring enough to cover all the guests in attendance.  Ask everyone for a five dollar entry fee.  Did you create and win the eggnog tasting contest?  Well, congratulations, you just one the best 26 or 40 of Rum that money can buy… this meaning depending how many people participate in it.   Everyone gets the classic holiday drink, while competing over the big prize.

Do you have any traditions that you only with with your close friends or family over the holiday season?  Tell us about them and what makes them special for your parties.  Or do you have other suggestions to my ideas?  Share them with us.  Standout wishes everyone the safest, warmed and most fun holiday party season.

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