Introducing Our No. 13 EMBRACING BODY SHAPES & SIZES Issue!

We are excited to announce that this summer has been VERY busy for us with our wonderful clients. Our magazine had to wait until we were able to deliver all the projects on time.

Please check out our most recent issue that just released tonight. We are wanting to spread good and positive inspiration across the Internet about ourselves.

The main message of this issue is read here:

Everybody is a good body. I really believe this. Our bodies can do amazing things! As a woman, I have brought two babies into this world and my body shows those changes but I wouldn’t change it for the world. My stretch marks and scars and curves show my body’s story.

I struggle with chronic illness but I am still amazed every day at my body’s ability to show up and push through. I’ll never take it granted. I wish people could learn to embrace their shape and fat-shaming was a thing of the past. I am part of the running and triathlon communities and there are people out there of all sizes and abilities being pure badass athletes and killing it out on the course.

It’s absolutely beautiful to watch. Every person should embrace their beast-mode, badass self and get out there! There is an entire world of awesome awaiting you. Don’t wait until your “ideal size” (whatever that means!) Do it now cause life is pretty awesome and our bodies were meant to do epic things; no matter what size you are.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns to

Our favorite layout this issue! 

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