StandOUT Publications is a Canadian magazine showcasing everyday Canadians who StandOUT. Our brand is for Canadians about Canadians who are intelligent, eclectic, inclusive, offbeat and culturally rich. Each issue is composed non-fiction, culturally enriching stories, photography, art, reviews, little-known facts of interest, fashion and the legendary Canadian Top 5.

We publish stories from Canadian’s, or people who have a connection to Canadian culture (refugees, landed immigrants etc). Before submitting work, please read an issue of the print magazine, or dig deep into the archives at so that you have an idea of the type of content we publish.

CONTESTS: We do accept photography contest submissions: portraits, editorials, landscape, nature, wildlife, culture, lifestyle and art/fashion.

FILM DOCU-SERIES: We do accept Canadian products and services to collaborate with us in our docu-series for advertising. True Stories: We publish real life stories written by professionals, told by a story teller (submissions), we have some Q’s and A’s for some features. We publish large features, shout out features, advertising and photography editorials. We also accept artists’ work, illustrators, and a variety of art media, etc.

CANADIAN PRODUCTS: We are open for collaborations with local Canadian businesses to feature products in our monthly issues, social media marketing and website content. Our Services: we offer packages for clients who need professional and high quality photography, writing, graphic design, styling, makeup/hair and project management.

PHOTOGRAPHY/ART: We look for art and photography to accompany written work in the magazine, as well as publishing photo essays with text by the artist. When submitting artwork by mail, send digital media or photocopies only—no originals.


ADS: text must have at least one inches away from border 11″ by 17″ or 8.5″ by 11″ Reviews: Endnotes are written by StandOUT Staff. We do not publish unsolicited reviews, but we will always read and consider new opinions. We always appreciate new suggestions from writers and artists. We like work that covers many genres or illicit gut responses. All submissions must be original to the author, or story teller.

Submissions can be sent by mail:

StandOUT Publications Box 360, Cremona AB, T0M0R0 or electronic submissions can be sent to: creative or


What do you need to have/or have done to inspire?

  • Yourself or someone created a movement (activists, leader, politics etc..) which helps a certain group or people
  • Yourself or someone created a business that succeeded
  • Yourself or someone who went through and experienced a life changing time
  • Yourself or someone with a talent or skillset (online or in person) such as: art, fashion, music, culinary, performances, literary, photography, design, fitness, sports, lifestyle, creativity and many more…
  • Yourself or someone who has such a brilliant innovative idea which will help the planet and society
  • Yourself or someone with a big personality that plays a role as a public figure that makes a ripple across Canada and internationally

NOTE: Our editors and writers will be choosing the story and then will interview you personally online or on the phone.

SUBMIT A STORY (email images)


Interested in having your products featured in our magazine?

  • We are looking for Canadian products that can be featured on our monthly covers. The products will match the theme and be carefully chosen and photographed
  • We are always looking for local products that we can use for giveaways on our social media to benefit both businesses
  • In each issue, we have a page shout out for Canadian local businesses with their products and a small description to explain to our readers why the products and business stand out
  • Describe your CANADIAN PRIDE ANYWHERE in Canada and we will create a spread with the words and images #ontheroadwithstandout


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