Holi Hungama 2019

The Hindu festival of colours, celebrated across India and Nepal, also finds its way into Calgary. Tania Lemos Malpuria and Vishal Malpuria of Sparq Productions brought forth all the splendour, pageantry and joy that is Holi to the Magnolia Room Saturday March 16.

Usually falling on the last full moon of the month, the unique Holi festival celebrates both the arrival of Spring and new beginnings. This year marks Sparq’s 5th Holi celebration and the theme was the celebration of freedom and love.

Photo by Kenneth Fung

The entertainment was non stop with adult and children’s dance contests filling gaps between performances. Olga Sem’s Masks International was spectacular as always and provided a brilliant wave of colour hinting at the fun to follow.

The food was plentiful and delicious. The photo booths fun and busy and the crowd lively, friendly and looking fine in their all white attire…until it was time to leave the elegant ballroom to take to the parking garage for the much anticipated colour throw. I had heard of this but could not begin to imagine just how much fun it could be.

With the DJ pumping bolly music, guests were given packets of coloured powder to throw at, dump on and smear on each other. Families, children, couples and groups of friends danced and laughed and spread freedom and love on each other turning faces and clothing into a vibrant explosion of colour. Ethnicity? No black, white or brown here. We were one family. Red, green, blue and yellow all dancing together.

This was truly an epic event and it was easy to see why it sells out every year. I recommend you get tickets as soon as they become available for next year. This really needs to be experienced as words just can’t describe the hilarity and the joy of it all.

Written by Catherine Tkach




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