Heritage Inn International Balloon Festival

As Canadians, we try to hold on to every second of summer that we can.  Last week, we experienced some late full temperatures that many of us thought would bring snow.  Some areas of the province did receive snow, but luckily for the majority, most melted on contact to the ground.

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But, we are letting summer go that easy.  Yes, autumn has technically arrived, but we are holding on to any heat that comes to us.  Take advantage of this and check out some the of local events that are happening in your area.

The Heritage Inn International Ballon Festival is held annually in High River, Alta. bringing the best of international hot air ballon pilots to the region.  This late-September event brings family and friends together to enjoy the ariel flight and art through out the weekend.

Shane Lockyer Photography

As reported on the Travel Alberta website,

“The Heritage Inn International Balloon Festival brings hot air balloons from around the world to fly in High River, Alberta each September. Balloons fly morning and night, weather permitting, and spectators are encouraged to watch the balloons inflate and join in on the chase while they are in the air. The festival also features a Night Glow, which is an opportunity to see the balloons up close and meet the pilots, as well as enjoy food trucks, a DJ and other entertainment.The Heritage Inn Balloon Festival is proud to be the home of the Canadian Balloon Championship. Competing pilots will compete in a series of tasks during their flights, competing for the top prize and a chance to represent Canada on the world’s stage.

Start Date End Date
September 27, 2017 October 1, 2017

Set your eyes to the sky during the weekend event and enjoy the colourful balloons as they hover across the vast fields and prairies of Alberta.  For more information, check out the Travel Alberta website.

Are you planning on attending the event?  Or have you already been a part of it.  Share your experience with us and tell us what was the best part of it.

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