4 Ethical Clothing Brands That You’ll Love  

4 Ethical Clothing Brands You’ll Love 


KOTN is a Canadian company with 2 locations, one in Vancouver and the other at Toronto. They focus on quality essentials that are affordable and their garments are made from authentic Egyptian cotton. The company works directly with cotton farming families in Egypt as well.

They believe in rebuilding the fashion industry from the inside. They describe themselves as a company that is farm-to-table but with clothes.

Similar to Everlane, they focus on simple and classic pieces. They recently released oxfords for both women and men. The pieces are crisp, classic and versatile.


Encircled is a brand designed in Toronto and made in Canada with quality and a fair wage in mind. They focus on versatile pieces that you are able to wear again and again. Their clothes are simple, stylish and comfortable. They are also a certified B Corporation.

On their website, they offer curated kits. For example, you are able to choose a weekend kit or a summer kit and with that, you can mix and match colours and sizes.


Pact is a fair trade factory certified. They focus on soft cotton especially because they use organic cotton for their garments. Softness in clothing is what they thrive for alongside avoiding toxic dyes and pesticides in their clothes.

Pact believes in taking clothes personally.

Whimsy and Row

Whimsy and Row make clothes with love and purpose. Founded in 2014 and based in West Los Angeles, they focus on an eco-conscious lifestyle.

Whimsy and Row make limited-run batches in Los Angeles and they are handcrafted under ethical conditions. They use deadstock, recycled fabrics and materials to create their clothes.


The brands mentioned are typically under $100, with the exception of Whimsy and Row.

Are there any ethical fashion brands that you are a fan of? Let us know. We love hearing about companies that care about people and the environment.

*Featured Image from KOTN*

Written by: Shama Palangdosan

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