Glitter Love!

I had the pleasure of attending the Fallabulous event which showcased the fall and winter collection of hats and headpieces by Maria Curcic. The event was held at a chic venue, Bridgette Bar,  which was perfect as it had such a great atmosphere that paired well with the afternoon of fashion. Maria is an amazing hat designer from Victoria who is always inspiring women to be fabulous and wear a standout headpiece.


Her collection was well received by the guests who spent time with Maria trying on her hats and enjoying the afternoon. It was great to see the women trying on the hats and watching them transform with the different styles. Calgary has an event called Packwood Grand and it’s an event where people bet on horses and dress up with fabulous hats, many which are from Maria, but she tells us not to ourselves to one special event – we should wear a hat whenever we feel like it!
Also in attendance was a clothing line from Toronto designer, Zoran Dobic and Jodie Perks Urchyshyn of Lit Cosmetics. Her glitter is so beautiful and used by many makeup artists, both local and global. Her cosmetics were recently used by Kesha’s makeup artist on J-Lo for a Hustlers Billboard. The cosmetic line has also been used on Oprah Winfrey and Lady Gaga. Jodi travels everywhere with her glitter and has a home base in Calgary. I, myself, as a makeup artist have used her products many times and it never lets me down – with new fabulous hues coming out that will thrill any glitter lover.
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Written by Doug Cressman
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