Ethical Shopping: Everlane and Ten Tree

Shopping locally and ethically is currently getting the attention that it deserves. From brands like Everlane to Ten Tree, customers are gravitating towards brands that have a movement or a social tie to them.

Ten Tree is popular for its mission that for every item purchased from their brand, ten trees are planted. This vision has been supported by many with more than 25 million trees planted as of November 2018. An achievement that is not solely for the brand itself, but also, the planet. Ten Tree’s goal is to plant one billion trees by 2030. They are surely on their way.

Everlane, on the other hand, is another great brand that cares deeply about transparency with its customers. They provide in detail where their garments are made and the breakdown of the cost. They have been doing well especially because their clothes are minimal, simple and classic – it is for everyone. The basics that you need in your wardrobe is what they provide, but more importantly, they focus on ethical production and quality.

According to a Forbes article, consumers, specifically millennials, 73% are more willing to spend more on a product if they are buying it from a sustainable brand. This is a good thing for communities, local businesses and the environment.

Some choose to ignore the benefits of buying sustainably due to many factors, but in all, it is better to not buy what you do not need. But, brands like Everlane and Ten Tree are setting an example against fast fashion: mass-produced garments that end up in the garbage after one or two uses.

They are alternative places to shop if you need a new shirt or outfit.

Check out their websites:

Written by: Shama Palangdosan


Photo from Everlane*

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