DIY Gifts

As the holidays are quickly approaching and shopping is in full swing, many people have lists of persons they have to shop for, that is sometimes scary.  15 people to shop for, 15 different gifts… I think not!  There has to be a better solution.  Of course there is – get your creative juices warmed and let’s do some Do-It-Yourself (DIY) gifts that everyone will absolutely love.

Below, three ideas that will not only be fun to create but will be loved the receiver of the gift.  And, I’m actually trying one of these out this season.  Take a guess of which on.

  1. Terrarium:
    I built my first terrarium this year. Not only was it fun to do, but the five of us enjoyed each other’s company and energy during that time.  It is a very social and relaxing activity to do.  So, I thought, why not create terrarium building boxes.  This could be perfect for a younger child or right up to grandma/ grandpa’s age.  It’s really simple.  Pick the design and size of glass enclosure, a bag of sand/ soil (depending on the kind you plan on building) and your choice of succulents or decor for the inner area.  Pack it up, wrap and present it to all your friends.  Small budget – create mini terrarium boxes; Money not a thang – Go big!
  2. Homemade Candles:
    This is a very popular trend this year.  It’s easy to find the wax, but finding the wicks is another thing.  Be patient with this one.  Again, this is a perfect DIY if you have multiple people to gift or just one or two.  You have control of this crafty gift.  Start with a shatter/ heat proof jar, bowl or glass enclosure where you will create your candle.  Any style, size, shape will do – this is your project.  After melting down your chosen colour of wax, add essential oils for fragrance, dye for colour or some fine sparkles for some shine.  Let cool for 12 hours and dress your glass up as you wish.  Personalized gifts via you.
  3. Recipe in a Jar:
    How is this one not fun?  And who hasn’t heard of it?  Create your favourite recipe (whether baking, soups, etc) and share with all your friends and family.  Add ONLY the dry ingredients to your mason jars, decorate, provide final instructions and wrap decoratively up for utilization or a decorative piece.  Again, you can create individual size recipes or create larger ones, depending on your budget.

Well, just three simple, creative and beautiful DIY holiday gift ideas.  One can’t go wrong with one of these, especially with the cost of the season.

Have you created one of these fun ideas?  Tell us about yours and what you did.  Or do you have other great holiday DIY gift ideas that want to share?   StandOut Publications loves to hear from our readers and their awesome ideas.  Are you going to give one of these a try?  Let us know how it worked out and show us how it turned out.

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