Commercial Video Shoot @ the National Music Centre

On May 29, 2017, the StandOUT team collaborated with the National Music Centre (N.M.C.) at Studio Bell in Calgary, Alta. to produce a commercial advertising video for StandOUT Publications.

The team met up at our local at 9:00 a.m. that morning (although, I was a little late due to transit) ready to shoot.  We are all individually welcomed with a warm “Good Morning” from the knowledgeable employees as we entered.  The excitement could be felt vibrating through the air as the team got together on our wardrobes, makeup and hair.  During this time, there was extensive sound, light and video testing to ensure a great quality shoot.

Jeff McDonald Photography

We were accommodated to utilize the fifth floor of the architecturally magnificent building.  While shooting scenes for the commercial, we were visited by a crowd of curious school-age onlookers.  Although they were fully excited touring the facility, they enjoyed watching the team film some pretty spectacular cuts.

StandOUT Publications is currently working on a commercial video for marketing and advertising through many different outlets.  This will help present the full detail of the product and how it showcases Canada as whole.  We want to be sure all our loyal clients and readers fully understand the concept and we hope that this word crosses Canada.

Jeff McDonald Photography

It was a full day of taping, laughs, smiles and discussions.  It was an extraordinary opportunity to shoot in such an exclusive location, that we continued to work at the local Ross coffee shop in the building.  I personally enjoyed spending time with the team collaborating about the future and planning meetings and specialized educational sessions.  And who could have complained on the beautiful weather?

StandOUT Publications wants to personally thank the team at the N.M.C. for allowing us to use the beautiful space to create something truly inspiring.  If you and your family are looking for something interesting and inspiring to do, be sure to check it out.  Not only will you be welcomed by some outstanding architecture, you will learn and really appreciate the Canadian musical arts industry.

Stay tuned for the release of the commercial.  And like always, we are here to tell the stories of ordinary Canadians doing extraordinary things.  Our latest issue will be released by day’s end, so be sure to check out our subscription and ‘print-on-demand’ system.


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