Catherine Tkach – The Warrior of Hope

McDonald Photography

When you start a dream business, you meet different people on your entrepreneurial journey. Some people stay and some people go. The ones that stay help build the brand, help build the empire. Trust grows and the team gets stronger everyday. The members hold the company tight like glue and everyone feels like family.

Catherine Tkach came on board with us a few years ago as a writer, boutique provider and helped with styling. Super spunky and brilliant, she brought tremendous value to our team. She saved us many times with our article quality and she’s extremely passionate for StandOUT. She shares this dream with us.

Unfortunately, our team was hit with devastating news recently. Our beloved member Catherine Tkach was diagnosed with lung cancer and a brain tumour. Not giving up, Catherine says she will continue with us no matter what. We are so proud to have Catherine on our team and we are sending all of our positive thoughts and energy her way while she fights this battle.

McDonald Photography

Being the warrior that she has always been, she is seeking many different ways to help herself. She owns many timeless vintage pieces in Calgary and is having a huge sale this Thursday in the city of Calgary. See event info below.

Let’s show Catherine tons of love and help her fight her war with cancer. We love you very much and thank you for all you have done for us! Let’s keep going, we are fighting with you.

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