Born and raised in a multicultural family in Kazakhstan, Olga soon moved to the beautiful city of Venice to study the art of making exquisite masks by an old master – Senor Augusto – at his tiny workshop. (Image above credited to: Dmitry Nekhoroshkov)

Following her graduation from the Art School and receiving two science degrees, she moved with her husband, Vladimir and two sons to Canada, where she decided to pursue her passion for crafting the masks.

Photo by Chuck Szmurlo

Being warmly accepted by the Calgarian art community, Olga was persuaded by Vladimir to start her own entertainment company, Olga’s International Trade LTD and she soon began developing masks for the first full theatrical movie-performance called “VIZARD Show.”  In 2016, Olga Sem, with Galina Busova and Dmitry Kuleshov, Sergey Abramov opened entertainment company Masks International Show.

“Welcome to an exciting world of fairy tales, riddles, feasts and infinite beauty of performing arts. I would like to share my passion for the intriguing art of the masks with you. I hope you enjoy story line, masks, costumes, and environment created by talented local artists.  You’ll be singing, dancing, laughing along to Joker’s unforgettable journey for the mysterious magical artifact.”

I am CEO, Founder, Executive Producer, Masks creator, Script Co-writer, outfit Designer in OLGA’s International Trade and Masks International Show.

I draw my inspiration from my life, my experiences and from the people around me. Today, the walls of my house are covered in masks, but these are far more than simple artistic creations. Each mask has a meaning and represents a real person with mystical characteristics.

The 110 unique masks and costumes have been created especially for the show VIZARD. 81 professional dancers, actors and circus performers are involved in this project. Our team now consists of 130  VIZARD’s Family Members.  Now I am proud of my Team!

Yes, I am immigrant, but now I am proud to be Albertian.  I help people to open there talents and  it makes me happy.  In Feb 2017 I received my White Hat like a Honorary Calgarian.

Photo by Dmitry Nekhoroshkov (in feature banner image too)

My masks gave me the idea to create my own show. Everything started in 2014.

Masks are only the tools for pantomime! With masks, you can show different emotions and characters. With the help of masks we can show life situations. In many ways, we often wear masks in our daily lives. A smile might seem to imply happiness, but could just as easily be a mask, concealing our anxiety or fear of failure. The mask of a fool might conceal the face of a wise man, while the VIZARD of a genius might merely hide the true nature of a simple man. We’re so often encouraged to be ourselves and be proud of who we are but sometimes we might wish to be someone else or hide our true feelings, just for a short time.

The masks we wear not only depend upon our innermost feelings and emotions but are also affected by our environment and the people around us. We’re all ultimately responsible for crafting the script for our own lives, no matter where that journey may take us. For this project I organized huge and talented Crew Team. Yes it was very difficult time. We create the pilot production. Now we working with movie VIZARD. Next step in our and my personal development is writing a book with Neil Enock – VIZARD Forged. Every great story has beginning. This book will be first story about Creator. And we start with Galina Busova, creation of the new VIZARD Show – with new life stories, new characters and new costumes.

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