1-What is the vision and mission behind  your business?
The  mission of my business is to professionally prepare and present homes in order to help property owners navigate one of the most stressful periods of their life, moving . My team and I empower property owners with the tools they need to get through that challenging time, whether it’s due to the joy of a new baby or job, or because of a job loss, divorce or death, all of which present the homeowner with strong heartfelt emotions. All homes have experienced joys and sorrows, but it is my job to ensure that regardless of circumstances, the house is fully brought to life, given a new character, and shines above all others so that both the seller and realtor can achieve moving on to  their next phase in life.

2-How does you product or service impact Canadians?

My business has an enormous impact, as Canadians seem to love to improving their homes and surroundings! While most find selling their home stressful or even at times painful if a loved one has died, the impact they feel is meant to give them confidence and security, knowing that no matter that their home looks professional has that competitive edge, and most importantly, looks stunningly beautiful. Not all homeowners know how to be competitive in the real estate market; they know how to make a home for themselves, but they do not always know how to ‘gift’ their home to the next buyer to fall in love with, and imagine it being the place where they can make their dreams come true.

3-What stands out the most about your business?
I think a huge sense of pride and accomplishment is most important when staging a home, and I always bring this to every property I work on. Often, I am given a completely empty property, and it is my mission to take that empty shell and turn it into a place of joy, promise, and most of all, a place where people can envisage themselves loving someone, creating life, or a having a sense of peace, and security. I create spaces where buyers can see their future, and create scenarios of happy future memories for themselves. I get to be part of helping people evolve from one phase of their life to the next.

4-How did you create the concept of your business?
I started by envisaging the type of home that anyone could fall in love with. Certain factors had to be present. Would it make the buyer feel happy to walk through the door? Would it make a buyer see themselves happily celebrating major holidays with family and friends in the space? And would it be peaceful and cosy enough to get them through long winters, or everyday ups and downs? Everything had to be right so it could bring someone joy, relaxation, and comfort as well as being pleasing to the eye. I wanted people to get excited about living there, dreaming there, being happy and proud there, all through the mediums of art, textiles, moods and furnishings.

Photography by Jordan Gooden

5-Is there a particular story that stands out about running your business?

Home staging and design have always been much more than a business for me. When I was young, my family went through a divorce and we had to move around a lot, sometimes not having a place of our own for periods of time, and we lived for awhile with friends and family. It was hard, not having a home of our own during those challenges, so the concept of homes filled with joy, security and comfort have always been a pretty important theme to when I design. I want to bring beauty to an empty space, and to make people smile when they walk through the door of a home that I have so carefully and thoughtfully prepared.

6-When did you first realise you had the power to do something meaningful?
I first realised how meaningful home staging and design could be after I staged my first home. I had staged a property for a couple who had been on the market for over 2 months, with many dozens of showings but not a single offer. After staging their property, they had 3 offers, 2 above asking within 24 hours! The sellers went from being despondent about their home to elated. The excitement they felt afterward was infectious, and I knew I wanted to help others homeowners feel the same way – to see the difference that staging could make to the outcome of their home sale.
7-What are your key professional strengths?
My key strengths are that I am good with distractions! Many homeowners do not have the ability to see what is holding their sale back, and what is both minor and major detractions for buyers viewing their home. I show them the secret  to unlocking the beauty of their home. I am persistent, making sure they understand the ‘science’ behind the suggestions, so they can be full onboard and believe in what they need to do in order to sell and move with their lives as quickly as possible.
8-How does being in Canada help your business?
Being in Canada is a huge bonus! Canadians love home improvements, and staging is one of the highest “impact” home improvements one can make! Home staging and design can be quick and easy, and Canadians love to love their homes. My business and skills make what I do an essential tool for many homeowners living in our beautiful country.
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