I come from a land where women still have to ask their husbands/parents for permission to leave their homes. In some rural areas women are only fed one idea/role, to stay at home and be a housewife. I was born and raised New Delhi, India. Thankfully, I was born and raised in a family environment that was filled with love and respect.

In 2005, I married my wonderful husband and we moved to Australia. After seven years, we then moved to Canada in 2012. No matter where I’ve lived, I have always worked in a business environment and focused on things like empowering women, building self-esteem, confidence and developing networks. I got my entrepreneurial skills from my dad, a “king” of textiles back in India.

Over time, I came to realize that women are capable of doing anything and everything; especially if they set their minds to it. Throughout my years in India and Australia, I struggled to find my niche and how to express my emotions. Finally, at the age of 35, my husband told me to do something that inspires and makes me happy. Easier said than done of course. So many choices!

All I could think of was colours, art and creating visual masterpieces. I went to Eveline Charles and Trena Laine to officially learn the art of make-up. While I had done make-up in India for friends and family, I had never considered it a career path until now. As soon as I started, I knew I had chosen the path for me. I became passionate about creating a visual masterpiece for each client.

I don’t transform my clients, but enhance what is already there. I help their personalities shine through the art of make-up. I have met people who I have never dreamt I would meet before. My life is transforming right before me and I realize I have found my niche and what makes me happy. I draw inspiration from Vogue and I aspire to work in high fashion. My latest accomplishment is being accepted to Vancouver Fashion Week.

Lately, I create real life visions and convert them into a social cause. I created Anti-Bullying and “Say no to Hunger” campaigns. In the past, I have also worked with UNICEF and CRY. Volunteering plays a huge part in my life and I try to raise awareness any way I can. My focus is making the women of today feeling confident, powerful, and stronger than they already are.

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