Through the past five years, following a cancer diagnosis, I have been facing an uphill battle with my doctors and traditional treatments with little to no luck.

I recently had my third lung surgery and when the tissue that was removed was sent to pathology for testing, they discovered that my cancer has now spread to my lymph nodes. My doctors would like me to do more chemotherapy but I refused.

I refuse to just be another number in a waiting room with a dollar sign above my head. I refuse to let chemotherapy destroy any more of my life (or body!). I had my right leg amputated above the knee after about a year of unsuccessful chemo treatments.

Nature has a cure for everything and it’s time to find mine, so after hearing the news of my cancer spreading, I made the decision to make some serious changes in my life and to take a natural and holistic approach to healing myself. I have switched to a primarily raw, organic diet and have started holistic treatments such as colonic hydrotherapy, lymphatic drainage massages, CBD oil, daily iodine drops, diet supplements (enzymes to help me maximize the amount of nutrition I get out of the foods I’m eating) and much, much more! I was diagnosed at 21 years of age (just over five years ago) and am still going strong so I believe that what I am doing is the right thing, to help me nip this cancer! My friends, family and work family (as I like to call them!) have been immeasurable sources of support and inspiration.  they have helped me get through some of the lowest points in my life and I wouldn’t be who I am today without their love and support!

I feel that I could inspire people to thrive in situations and environments that are less than favourable and that no matter what, ANYTHING is possible.


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