Sweet & Stoked Kootenay Crafted ICE on a stick became a realization upon noticing that no one in our small community of Nelson, BC was offering a local, healthy alternative to the Popsicle.

We wanted to offer a natural, fruit based, superfood ICE pop; something to actually hydrate and rejuvenate and that wouldn’t send kids bouncing off the walls.

The integrity of Sweet & Stoked is paramount. All ingredients in our ICE pops are responsibly sourced from local farmers and business. We love the environment and are focused on having 100% recyclable packaging and minimal waste in our production and assembly.

The menu was built by creating connections, scouting out the best produce spots and getting creative in the kitchen.  At Sweet & Stoked, we use the freshest fruit, refined superfoods and natural sweeteners to create unique ICE pops for awesome people.

Every flavor started out as an experiment and then another one, and another, followed by boxes of ICE pops brought to BBQs and beaches for friends and strangers to sample. And then a solid menu equipt with vegan, dairy free and creamy options was created

I saved up slowly to buy everything I needed to offer a small selection at markets my first year and worked hard refining my game plan for my second season all winter.

Now Sweet & Stoked has a permanent kiosk location in front of El Taco on Kootenay and Victoria in downtown Nelson. And we are so happy to announce that on June 15 we are opening a booth at the Kingsland Farmers Market on Macleod Trail in Calgary for the rest of the summer!

Make sure to look out for us at either of these locations and follow @sweetandstoked on Instagram and Sweet & Stoked on FB to stay updated with pop up locations and events!

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