Jenna Donovan is a CSEP certified Personal Trainer in Edmonton, Alberta. Her interest in fitness started young with sports but after discovering she had a congenital heart defect at age 19, her interest turned into passion. It took multiple surgeries and almost 2 years to fix this condition, and after attending cardiac rehab, wellness became her main focus. After finishing a degree in Psychology it was followed up by a diploma in Personal Training, to make wellness not only a focus in her own life but in the life of others.
“Working as a personal trainer is fulfilling because I’m helping people improve their quality of life, they leave our sessions feeling better. Fitness is not just about losing weight, lifting the heaviest thing in the room or looking a certain way. Being able to move as you age and be healthy and strong as you do it, that`s what fitness is all about. I’m trying to influence as many people as I can to just move more and try to be healthy for the long run. My health problems came at a time that really influenced how I want to live my life and if I can help someone avoid health issues or recover from something, then I`m successful.”

Being a trainer is not the only way Jenna tries to influence those around her to lead more healthful and active lifestyles. Edmonton`s fitness community is growing and Jenna is excited to be involved with it. She also runs a blog that touches on different health related topics, provides workouts, and healthy recipes. This blog also mixes in her love of style, fashion and talking about body positivity.

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