My story takes place in the heart of Calgary (#yyc) and I am proud to say I am a first generation Canadian! I feel very blessed to have been raised in such a great city, however, not all was joyful growing up.

When I was two, my parents split and I spent a few short terrifying years with my birth mother who was abusive on all levels. Thankfully, my hero of a father came to my rescue and he provided a safe environment for me to thrive; for that, I am forever grateful!

For a couple years during my childhood, it was only my father and I. We shared many precious moments together. My most favourite of memories is when we would bike to Robin’s Donuts along the Bow River pathway; we would enjoy our sweet treat together and then bike back home.

When I was eight, my father remarried and my lovely stepmother became a part of our lives. I owe my ability to write to her as she was the one who sat me down and taught me how to speak and write proper English (I would like to highlight that she is a fantastic writer!). Before then, I was speaking and learning Romanian, French and English all at the same time!

In my teen years, I became very drawn to fashion and would even write in my journal about wanting to start my own clothing line, doodling different logos and names. It was not until my 20’s that I actually began to pursue fashion and got to writing about it. I would like to point out that writing was not always my strong point (even though my step mother was a HUGE help!). Many of my teachers and professors throughout my schooling and post secondary education, my major being Psychology and minor Communications, made it clear that I did not complete my thoughts on paper clearly making me feel unconfident about my abilities.

Regardless of all of this, when I received the chance to write about a fashion event for an online publication, I took the leap and never looked back. Every opportunity that came my way to write, I did it and all the practice allowed me to be better at it. Let’s be honest though, I actually enjoyed what I was writing about, so it made it easier to practice. Insert a chuckle here!

Present day, I get to share others stories as a freelance writer in the beauty and fashion scene (which I have done locally, nationally and internationally) on the regular for the Calgary Herald. The talent in #yyc and on a national scale alone blows me away. I cannot keep up!

Each person I have encountered along my writing journey has taught me about the world and been an inspiration. I feel blessed to have gotten to share each of their stories. All I can say is, when your heart has a stirring towards something, don’t resist it. Follow it. You will be amazed to see what you are capable of!

We have 80 SHOUT OUTS left, if you would like to share your story! This is to celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday, so we want to do 150 shout outs on ordinary Canadians that have accomplished extraordinary things or have an extraordinary story. Your photo and shout out will be published with the other 149 Canadians in the July issue! Email us! or click HERE for our submission page.

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