“Your past does not define you; it only helps to create you. What you do with your life is totally your choice, so choice wisely”.

At the age of 5 year old, I was sexually molested repeatedly by our farm hand and then by a family member. My mother turned a blind eye to this. I learned to run fast and to run hard from dangers. I trusted no one. At the age of five, I would leave our farm in the morning on my horse and not return home until nearly dark when I knew that farm hand had gone home, as for the family member, I don’t remember where he went. He disappeared shortly after his attack.

I later married a man that I had been pressured to marry.  I thought he would be safe, and protect me however he had his own dark secrets that involved a sex addiction, possessiveness and jealously. During our separation (after 21 years of marriage) he stalked me, threatening to kill my horses and me. After the divorce and his untimely death, the RCMP discovered that he had hired someone to kill me. Not fully knowing how he had died (his family knew), his family put the blame on me. I sought help with a grief counsellor and she opened up my Pandora’s box on the sexual abuse.

I became an entrepreneur in the Insurance Industry so that I could control my own future, and then I formed a publishing company, self publishing  my own story in the effort to help other women like myself. My books are also donated to as many shelters as I can afford.
I will continue to be a voice against sexual abuse and incest, I will continue to support those that I can, and I know that if we all stand together we can help heal those that have had their lives stolen due to sexual violence and abuse.


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