Canadian Fashion Events #VIMFutureOceans


It was a powerful fusion of music and dance, titled “Plastic Whale” which was the opening act for Future Oceans. The emotional performance was both dramatic and hopeful, and a striking example of the power of collaboration.

The 8-minute Contemporary Ballet piece featuring 16 professional dancers was choreographed by Chantelle Norris, Artistic Director of the Nanaimo Contemporary Ballet. Original music was composed by Alan Donnelly, with Darren Flynn on guitar as “the whale”.

This dress, this dress right there… what do you think it is made of? Share with us in the comments below. Find out more about this dress, who designed it, why, how, and/or of what?! by clicking on these photos. #VIMFutureOceans

See more incredible photos captured at this beautiful show in Victoria, BC CANADA in our latest issue, available online now, “Embracing All Shapes & Sizes” Issue 13!


Photos by: Zev Vitaly Abosh

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