Calgary Pride 2017

Calgary is proud to host the annual 2017 Pride Week events kicking off August 25, 2017, going straight through the Monday, September 4, 2017.  Show your support for the LGTBQ community within Calgary and the local area with a week long calendar full events.  Many of these events are family-friendly such as the Pride Parade taking place on Sunday, September 3, 2017 in downtown Calgary.

The week of events not only shows support for the community, but brings the community together, with the openness and love that every person should feel.  For further information about Pride Week in Calgary or to get your events schedule, check out the Calgary Pride website.

StandOut Publications will be down at the parade, so if you see us, make sure you come up and say ‘hi’.  We always love talking to our followers, readers and loyalists.

It’s been a negative year in 2017, so come out and enjoy the art, culture and music for the week long celebrations.  Bring your positive attitudes, love and warmth to the city.  Education is key, but without support and exposure, this education cannot be absorbed.

Remember Canada (and the world), we all bleed red, we all have a heart and we all live to love.  Let’s live as one with equality and empathy.

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