Breaking Barriers: Feature Interview with Dahlia Mostafa

Dahlia Mostafa shows what it takes to be successful and empowering around the world. — Catherine Tkach

With more than 39 awards to her name, over a half million followers on Facebook, educational degrees and doctorates – undoubtedly, Dahlia Mostafa, is an accomplished woman. As President & CEO of Click Coaching and Counselling Inc. and Founder & CEO of the Canadian Life Transformation Academy, Dahlia has built her career and her life from immense passion and dedication to enhancing personal and familial success and happiness, as well as being a strong, effective voice for social change on a local and international level.

Dahlia’s father was 62 when she was born. Knowing he would not be with her throughout her life, he instilled in her the values of living a charitable life, of being authentic and generous. He stressed the importance of education – not only gaining knowledge, but sharing it with others so that the benefits would reach many people. When Dahlia was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis when she was 12 years old, her family was informed that she would probably be confined to a wheelchair for life. This was when her father asked her to promise him that she would keep pushing forward no matter what. Dahlia renews her promise to him every day.

Her father programmed her to be a creator – to visualize herself walking, running, contributing, touching the lives of others, succeeding, and achieving. She trusted the blessings of giving, the power of good deeds, the wisdom she learned from her father and she has never been in a wheel chair.

“I was programmed for success,” she says, “it was in my DNA.” 

She followed her father into engineering – excelling academically in oil and gas, however, Dahlia knew it was not her calling. Dahlia followed her heart and moved into studying psychology, knowing it was her mission to help people. Growing up in a loving, supportive family gave her the foundation to become the strong, compassionate woman she is today. Realizing most people were not blessed with such positive role models, she chose to devote herself to the study of teaching, coaching, counselling, leadership, and change. She now offers services that address a number of areas critical to personal well being. Courses, as well as teaching communication skills to enhance marriages and parenting. Knowing the importance of recognition, encouragement, and life skills training, she has created programs that support youth and works with couples and families in creating space for open communication.

Unfortunately, I was out of town and had to conduct our interview by phone. Even without being in her physical presence, her passion was obvious, her enthusiasm contagious, and her unbounded joy was a treat to experience. Here is what she had to say:

Do you see coaching as being educational?

I see coaching as being educational, empowering, and life transforming. I am a firm believer that education is knowledge and knowledge is power. It makes a huge difference in someone’s life when they learn about time management, decision making, setting goals, short-term and long-term planning, and how to persevere to make their dreams real. Life becomes more enjoyable when people discover what they are passionate about and start living a purposeful life doing what they love and loving what they do.

Many people underestimate the power of youth coaching. How do you respond to that?

Unfortunately, with the busy lifestyle parents have nowadays, they spend less time with their children. Work environments have become demanding, more stressful, and sometimes draining. This reflects on the high quality time parents spend with their children to teach them the basic life skills they need to grow and expand their horizons. Bullying at school has become a major issue across the country, drop-out rates from schools are increasing, and the amount of youth feeling lost without a well-defined identity, purpose, and goals is incrementally rising. It breaks my heart when sometimes all some youth need is someone to listen to them unconditionally and without any judgment. We have reached a situation that is becoming crucial for youth to discover who they are, to unlock their talents, unleash their confidence, and become self-driven to reach out for their dreams with passion, motivation, and a set of coaching tools that allows them to bring out the best in them. Today’s youth are tomorrow’s nation. For a better, more coherent and successful Canada, we definitely need our youth to learn about their values and beliefs. A life that is based on values, ethics, and morals, where youth positively lead their own life, is fulfilling, rewarding, and balanced.

Do you have a diverse following?

Canada is a country based on immigrants, which is fabulous. Daily, I work with people

from different backgrounds, cultures, and walks of life. This diversity has enriched my practice, horizons, abilities, and capabilities as well. I have a diverse following. I have been blessed with the ability to reach out for people. Being open to all cultures, and embracing and respecting all backgrounds without judgments or pre-set filters have paved the way for me to establish strong connections and build rapport with multi-cultural groups across Canada and the world at large.

Do you see people of Arabic decent becoming open to discussion and reaching out for help?

Absolutely. I dedicate a huge amount of time and effort in creating online presence through Radio, TV, Youtube, and Social Media to reach out to them, talk about their daily problems, address their biggest challenges, and provide solutions, tips, and tactics that inspire them, empower them, and help them reach their goals and solve their issues. I have noticed their engagement and how interactive they have become in my public speaking events. Now, a huge number of people feel safe and comfortable to reach out and ask for help. And I am glad that some of them do reach out at an earlier stage of their problems and needs.

You must be so proud of your accomplishments. What do you view as your biggest?

I have been blessed with so many accomplishments in my life that required passion, good intentions, focus, determination, actions, and a commitment to fulfill my broad vision and daily mission. Each accomplishment came with its own journey that I lived and enjoyed to the maximum until I reached my final destination and succeeded to make my dream real. There are two main accomplishments that stand out in my life. The first one of them is being honored with the Sovereign Medal for Volunteers from the Governor General of Canada on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II. The award letter described me as an influencer who succeeded to create a sustainable social impact and inspire Canadians. It was an honor to be recognized with such an award based on exceptional volunteering, outstanding dedication, and a significant contribution towards Canada and the world at large. The second major achievement was being invited by the Egyptian Government with 30 International Renowned Female researchers from all over the world to join a two days conference to help reshape the country. It was a true honor to utilize my Canadian education, experience, knowledge, and practice to create a social change in Egypt, and contribute in developing new long-term policies and plans that serve society members.

You have written a book. When is your book coming out?

Breaking Barriers Shining my Own Light is coming out this December 2017. It is a book that sails and dives into my life journey, the challenges, success, and the ability to create abilities from disabilities. It zooms on my personal legacy to inspire and aspire others by unfolding my life story and anchoring it to coaching tips so that people can utilize them to create their best version of life.

What do you like people to know about you? 

I am a life lover and a long life learner. Joy, family, community service, education, and social change are my top values in life. I enjoy travelling and getting to know people from different cultures, customs and traditions, and building bridges of understanding, peace and tolerance across humanity. I dream and live for a better tomorrow where people are empowered through education to make their dreams real. I value and cherish family time. I admire being inspired from my son, Ramsey, who is 22 months old. Life feels great when we welcome it with positivity, selecting our thoughts that reflect on our emotions and feelings that shape our behavior. It is never too late to change or improve one’s life.

I am excited to launch my Life Transformation Academy at the end of September 2017. It is an online coaching Academy that provides 30 international courses in English, French, and Arabic to help people along the paths of their personal, relationship, career, parenting, well-being balance and growth.

Early October 2017 will be the first episode of my YouTube video show: Blooming Dahlia. It is an inspirational English video show where I interview icons of inspiration, joy, peace, success, and values across Canada to revive hope, optimism, and the ability to make dreams real. The show focuses on both the educational and the inspirational components and I hope that one day, it will be as big as the Oprah Winfrey show.

I have been blessed with such a supportive family, great dedicated inspiring parents and a loving caring supportive husband who values and appreciates my role in community service and share with me the same passion of serving, volunteering, and creating sustainable social change. The blessings of giving and the power of good deeds have definitely allowed my life to bloom with wisdom, intuition, love, kindness, compassion, and peace. I am grateful and happy for my whole journey. It feels great when one’s feelings align with their values and the individual is able to live their life with purpose that is in line with their identity.

The scope of Dahlia’s training, coaching, and counselling practices, as well as the amount of training she has and the application to assist people through many modalities, is beyond what I can begin to cover. You can find information on all areas of her expertise on her company website:

With the many successes Dahlia has enjoyed, there were also challenges and heartbreak. With her optimism, faith, and determination she was able to create something positive to share from each of her personal adversities.

Ph.D. Fellow in Leadership, Policy & Change. Focus: Counselling Psychology – Walden University, Baltimore, USA.

Professional Fertility Coaching Degree – Fertile Body Method, West Sussex, UK

Professional Life & Business Coaching Degree – Erickson College, Vancouver, Canada

Soul Coaching® Master Degree – Soul Coaching International Institute, California, USA

Professional Couples Coaching Degree – Erickson College, Vancouver, Canada

Marriage Counselling Training Program – Montreal Counselling Center, Montreal, Canada

Child Development Training – Vanier College, Montreal, Canada

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Coaching Degree – Dr. Richard Bandler NLP Institution, Florida, USA

Soul Coaching® Trainer Certificate – Soul Coaching International Institute, California, USA

Learning To Teach Training Program – McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Ph.D. Seminars in University Teaching and Curriculum Development – Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

Leadership & Team Building Training Program – Rotary Leadership Institute, Calgary, Canada

Leadership & Conflict Resolution Training Program – McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Governance Workshop – McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Doctor of Philosophy Research, Electrical Engineering. Focus: Biomedical Imaging- McGill Univ, Montreal, Canada

Doctor of Philosophy Courses, Electrical Engineering – Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

M.Sc. Degree, Electronics & Communications Engineering- Arab Academy for Science & Technology, Egypt

B.Sc.  Degree, Electronics & Communications Engineering – Arab Academy for Science & Technology, Egypt


Facebook: .com/dahliamostafa4life

Instagram: @dahliamostafa4life

Twitter: @dahliamostafa1

Youtube: .com/dahliamostafa4life



Written & Interview by Catherine Tkach

Designed by Tessa Lerbekmo – Joyes


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