For 2019, our team have goals to sponsor small events in the city of Calgary. We collaborated with Taylor McNallie from Taylor Mcnallie Host & Emcee for her monthly events to empower people within the city.

As an mompreneur, it was a delight go out for dinner and to connect, meet new people and listen to all the stories of struggles that us women go through.

Taylor is one of our female role models for women of colour on our next issue’s cover coming out in March. So it was great doing business together! After chatting post event with Taylor, we wanted to share her powerful words.

I have never felt more clear in my path after tonight’s gathering of incredible, inspiring, like-minded women. The first installment of Boss B!tch was an absolute success!

It was my first time ever meeting more than half of the women in this room and I feel the bonds made tonight will be cherished for years to come. Despite having totally different occupations from one another, each one of us quickly became connected through our similarities when it comes to our VISION, our PASSION and our WHY. This life of entrepreneurship is not for everyone – it requires some tough skin, sacrifice, dedication, motivation and creativity. You gotta be comfortable with the uncomfortable at times because you are constantly expanding your comfort zones to new boundaries. 

When going through transitions of any kind, especially so as an entrepreneur, it’s so easy to feel alone. You can feel lost, disconnected from your passion and purpose, constant judgement from others who don’t understand. Tonight reminded us that WE ARE NOT ALONE. We are strong women with the power to make shit happen!

I am so damn proud of myself for following my heart on this project, and incredibly grateful for the women who came to share and hold space. Here’s to many more memories, tears, laughs, lessons, new experiences and whatever else presents itself along the way.. 

The next Boss B!tch event is Sunday, March 10th – event details to come. The first installment of Moms Unite! is Sunday, February 17th.

  • Taylor McNallie


We hope to see you at her future events!

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